These are typical examples of single pass reductions we have done using the Ultraswage 2000.


Input size (diameter)

Output size (diameter)


Brass 3.99mm 2.35mm 65.3%
Electrical Grade Copper 5.7mm 3.58mm 60.6%
Nickel 4.55mm 2.90mm 57%
304 Stainless Steel 5.5mm 3.58mm 57.5%
Leaded Brass 6.00mm 4.00mm 56.58%
M4 High Carbon Spring Steel 2.00mm 1.32mm 56.5%
90/10 Silver Tin Oxide (Sintered) 5.00mm 3.75mm 43.73%

We have also experimented with drawing Enamelled Copper Wire which we drew successfully without disturbing the enamel.


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Note: The reductions recorded above were done using dies available. Higher reductions may well be possible.