Benefits of the Ultraswage 2000

Greater reductions per pass:

Typically we can produce in one pass what would traditionally take two, with the greatest reductions being experienced with softer materials where friction is a higher proportion of the total draw force.

Improved surface finish:

The resulting surface finish is excellent.

The wire on the table was drawn by our Ultrasonic Wire Drawing System.

The wire in the foreground was drawn by traditional wire drawing methods.

Ultraswage Int improved surface finish

Note the difference in surface finish which eliminated the need for additional processes before annealing.

Vastly improved die life:

One of our units was attached to a commercial bull block through which several thousand tonnes of a medium carbon steel have been drawn before the die needed attention. Previously dies had to be up-sized after 20-30 tonnes.

Energy saving:

Recent trials suggest a significant reduction of energy required (therefore costs) against that of traditionally drawn materials.


One of our units attached to an ageing bull block that could only operate at about 50% of its stated speed due to the energy needed to draw the wire. The result was a return to full speed and therefore increased production.

Better stock control:

The greater reductions per pass made possible by the Ultraswage 2000 system allows for fewer stock sizes to be kept thus helping to reduce inventory costs.

Operator control:

Our computerised vibration management system makes for uncomplicated control and does not require special training or extra operator involvement.

Simple Die change:

Our die is simply unscrewed from the base of the transducer, making die changes quick and easy. Our power source can be sited a few metres away from the die and the only change required to existing equipment is to replace the existing die with our die, often requiring only a simple mounting bracket.



Ultraswage Int specially designed mounting_plate

Specially designed mounting plate

Ultraswage Int die assembly fitted

Transducer/die assembly fitted to mounting plate


The Ultraswage 2000 Wire and Tube Drawing system is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has been found to be effective with difficult to draw materials.ltra